Sunday , Jul , 10 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

Ron Artest With Rookies No News

Seems like someone’s got his mind on a mission and a mission on his mind…or was it money?


Either way, Ron Artest is not taking it easy this summer. Ron Ron, entering his eighth season, is so eager to get back on the hardwood, he’s participating in the Pacers’ rookie/free agent camp.


So, here’s the question: Is it news that Artest seems serious about the new NBA season?


The answer should be very clear: No.


Each season Artest works hard to improve his game. That’s why you hear stories about him breaking “The Best Ever’s” rib. That’s why he’s gone from 12 points per game to almost 25, 40 percent FG to nearly 50 and 31 percent 3P to 41.


That’s why “vacation” is playing for Fat Joe’s squad in Rucker Park’s Entertainer’s Basketball Classic.


Every season, Artest’s game is gets nicer and nicer – he seems to add five or six new facets each year. He has the ability and potential to dominate both ends of the hardwood unlike anyone in League history.


But Artest is turning into the League’s most useless superstar. He’s a stat beast – a Top 15 fantasy pick – but fantasy doesn’t include personality. Artest’s all-around game and unrelenting D mean nothing if he can’t be consistently relied on to keep his cool.


So is it news that Artest is taking every opportunity to make this next season his career best? Nah, that’s his objective every year. Ron Artest spends time in the gym like he’s selling albums per bucket made. His work ethic is among the world’s finest, but his mood is as unpredictable as his number.


I’ll tell you what’ll be real news is about Ron Artest:

To know he’s keeping his mind on a mission and mission on his mind.