Tuesday , Jul , 12 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

Pharmacist – And1 Interview

Recently, HoopsVibe caught up with The Pharmacist during the Miami leg of the And 1 Mixtape Tour 2005. 


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Pharmacist - And1 Interview


C.Y. Ellis: What would you say has been the best moment in your career as a streetball player so far?

The Pharmacist: I could say getting on this tour right now, 2005 tour in Miami.  That would be the best time.  You know what I’m saying?


CYE: What would you say to those people who claim that streetball is hurting “proper” basketball, that it’s teaching kids bad habits?

The Pharmacist: It’s not teaching kids bad habits, because you’ll see that most of us that’s doing tricks like that, where kids will go to the court and do it and get called on, we don’t do that.  We do what kids can do in a regular game that don’t get called on.  We’re not carrying the ball; we’re not walking; we’re not double-dribbling; we just playing.  Our hands is fast like that when you think we doing something that’s wrong.


CYE: A lot of NBA players say that streetball players could never take them in a real game.  Are there any NBA players you’d like to match up with one-on-one and teach them some things?

The Pharmacist: I won’t be saying names, but these NBA guys is really scared – not scared, but we got NBA guys that’s down with And 1; they play in some of the games, but most of the guys be like, “Nah.”  They don’t want to play with us because they don’t want to get embarrassed or stuff like that.


CYE: You’re about to run two-on-two.  You can pick one teammate, alive or dead.  Who do you take?

The Pharmacist: I would play with either Half-Man or A.O.


CYE: Do you have any motto for life or anything you live by?

The Pharmacist: My daughter.  I live by my daughter.


CYE: What goals do you have for your life outside of basketball?

The Pharmacist: Right now I’m trying to open up like a barbershop, restaurant, stuff like that.  I’ve been talking to some people and stuff about it.


CYE: When did you first realise that you were famous?

The Pharmacist: When I saw myself on T.V. and I was walking somewhere and the dude was shaking when he saw me.


CYE: Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions or any lucky headbands or anything like that?

The Pharmacist: This right here is what feeds my daughter, so I say thanks to my daughter then come out and play.


CYE: What would you say is the best part of your job, the best part of being a streetball player?

The Pharmacist: Being a streetball player.


CYE: That’s the best part?

The Pharmacist: Yeah, being a streetball player.


CYE: What’s the best advice anyone’s ever given you?

The Pharmacist: Go out there and do your best.  And I get that from Half-Man and Main Event.


CYE: When did you first get your nickname and how?

The Pharmacist: It was around 2001, it was at fifty-fifth, I think Hannibal.  I was shaking a dude up, and the dude looked like…he looked another way.  And Hannibal was like, “Yo, you just been drugged.  His name is The Pharmacist; his moves is morphine-based.”  So that’s how I got that.


CYE: How are things on the bus?  Who’s the funniest guy on the tour?

The Pharmacist: The funniest guys on the tour is, like, me, A.O., Go Get it…everybody’s funny in a certain way.  Professor’s really the funniest.  He’s really, like, the funniest.  But on my bus, it’s me and Spyda are the funniest.


CYE: Has anybody got any bad habits?  Does anybody leave the toilet seat up or always take the last piece of food?

The Pharmacist: For bad habits, I have to say Spyda; he talk too much (laughs).


CYE: What music are you listening to on your C.D. player or iPod right now?

The Pharmacist: Right now I got The Diplomats, D.J. Clue, Fabolous, Game…similar to many of the people I mess with – you know what I’m saying? – that I know and deal with.


CYE: What job would you have if you weren’t a basketball player?

The Pharmacist: If I wasn’t a basketball player, I’d probably be a coach or something (laughs).


CYE: What’s your favourite city to visit on the tour?  What’s your favourite place to play?

The Pharmacist: New York.


CYE: The homeland.

The Pharmacist: Yeah.


CYE: Are there any misconceptions about streetball in general that you’d like to change?

The Pharmacist: Nothing.  Keep playing hard, scratches and all that.  Keep getting bruises.


CYE: Was there any particular moment when you realised you were going to be a streetball player and not an indoor basketball player?

The Pharmacist: When I was five years old playing with fifteen-year-old guys and won the first grade championship, I knew I was a streetballer.  I was in the streets.


CYE: What would you say is the greatest play you’ve ever pulled off, the greatest move you’ve ever made?

The Pharmacist: What I did to Hot Sauce in Madison Square Garden (laughs).


CYE: Thanks for your time, Pharmacist.

The Pharmacist: Thank you.