Tuesday , Jul , 12 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

Spyda – And1 Interview

Recently, HoopsVibe caught up with Spyda during the Miami leg of the And 1 Mixtape Tour 2005. 


Click here to listen to the MP3 of Spyda’s interview.

Spyda - And1 Interview

C.Y. Ellis: What would you say has been your greatest moment as a streetball player?

Spyda: Man, just getting a contract in 2004 in Washington, D.C.


CYE: What would you say is the greatest play you’ve pulled off in your career?

Spyda: Dunking on Headache and getting on the bus.


CYE: What’s your favourite city to visit on the tour?  What’s your favourite place to play?

Spyda: It’s always at home, man, in front of my friends and family.


CYE: Do you see any NBA players you think you could take one-on-one?

Spyda: Nah, I don’t think I could take ’em.  I just think I could show ’em my game, ’cause I’m always looking to get better.


CYE: What music do you have in your C.D. player or iPod right now?

Spyda: Everything, I listen to everything: R. and B., hip-hop, rock, jazz, everything.


CYE: What do you think you’d be doing right now if you weren’t playing streetball?

Spyda: At home playing videogames.


CYE: You’re about to play two-on-two and you can pick any player to be your teammate.  Who do you take?

Spyda: It has to be Ricky Davis, because some people say that’s my twin brother.


CYE: Yeah, man, I thought that for a second here.  What do you think people will remember you for when you’re finished with the basketball?

Spyda: My signature dunk that I do on the rim, called “The Spyda”.


CYE: What would you say to people who claim that streetball is hurting regular basketball, that it’s teaching kids bad habits?

Spyda: It’s not teaching kids bad habits, it’s just entertaining.  You just got to take it for the entertaining, ’cause we also playing fundamentals and stuff out there, too, so it’s not bad.  Actually, it helps your game, because I was a fundamental player and it helped my game out a lot.


CYE: What goals do you have for your life outside of basketball?

Spyda: Just spending time with my family and friends and, you know, just taking it easy and working out and just looking forward for the next tour.


CYE: We asked Pharmacist the same question; who would you say is the funniest guy on the bus?

Spyda: Pharmacist (laughs).


CYE: Do any of the guys have strange habits?  Anybody piss you off with anything on the bus?

Spyda: No, not really.  I did all that in my rookie year, so, you know, nothing happened this year so far.  I don’t know.  A.O. probably has something for me later on (laughs).


CYE: When did you first realise you were famous?

Spyda: I’m still the same person.  I don’t consider myself famous.  I just consider myself as a basketball player that just got the opportunity to play on T.V.


CYE: Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

Spyda: Just basically, you know, close my eyes, say a prayer, and thank God for putting me in this position.


CYE: What would you say is the best part of being a streetball player?

Spyda: Just basically…just going to every court and killing it and leaving a name for yourself.


CYE: Thanks a lot, man.

Spyda: No problem.  Have a good time.