Monday , Jun , 27 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis ranks among the web’s most-visited basketball websites, and for good reason. With a simple (if somewhat bare) design, it lists the day’s major rumours prominently on the homepage, making it the site of choice for many an informed fan, particularly in the offseason.

What it lacks in visual appeal, it makes up for in content, listing a whole host of sub-sections, each of which links to many more individual pages. Easily found are comprehensive statistics (including daily box scores), television schedules, salary information and a number of other features which can be found in one place perhaps nowhere else.


Also noteworthy is the summer league coverage, which, save two or three notable contenders, rivals that of any other site on the internet. Their dedication to high school basketball ranks them similarly highly, although the layout of the amateur sections is fairly sloppy, consisting of a series of misaligned text links, with no apparent attempt to organise them into helpful categories. That said, InsideHoops compensates for this shortcoming with a page detailing recent transactions by date, listing the major trades and signings without the obnoxious frills (read: interpolated quotes from “reputable” sources) that other sites feel their users may appreciate.


What sets the site apart from others of its type is its attention to the minor leagues and basketball spin-offs, news concerning which is notoriously difficult to locate. While others may offer limited information on the NBDL and perhaps the WNBA, InsideHoops boasts of CBA, USBL, Streetball, Rucker Park and Slamball sections, allowing fans of these areas of the game to get their fix.