Friday , Aug , 12 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

No Love For Doug

Post a comment if you ever were a true Doug Christie fan. Give me every reason why.


Pour your entire heart out. Tell me just how much you loved the dude who played four-and-a-half seasons with the Kings and Raptors.

No Love For Doug
Give crazy props to the two-time NBA All-Defensive Second Teamer who punched Rick Fox in that one exhibition game that one year that one time.


Flip praise for the man who you think illustrates complete fidelity in a league full of players who can’t even spell the word.


Give all your props to Doug Christie at the bottom of the page…because you won’t see any here.


Doug Christie, 35, is washed up. And this column is only concerned with what type of player Christie is today, not what he was and what we remember of him.


In a 24-hour span, the Magic waived the vet and the Mavericks picked him up. Of course, Dallas got him for a lot less money than for what Orlando dropped him, but they didn’t exactly find a new PS3 at a dollar store.


Today, the team reached an oral agreement with Christie on a one-year, $3 million deal.


Today, Mark Cuban reconfirmed that he’s a confused man.


Christie is the man who lost his starting spot to rookie Jameer Nelson. He is a guy who whined all the way to Orlando, taking a few days to report to the Magic. This is the man who closed out his season, averaging 5.7 points on 36.7 percent shooting in 21 games.


Unless Cuban’s going for name recognition to replace the overpaid Michael Finley, there is no reason to sign Christie to any deal worth a penny more than the veteran’s minimum.


Believe me, if Dallas signed Christie for $1 million, it would NOT be a coup.


With Finley presumably off next year’s roster, Jerry Stackhouse will probably start at shooting guard. Although Coach Avery Johnson showed him limited minutes in the post-Don Nelson era, Marquis Daniels will probably be the first off the bench. You just can’t sit $36.8 million (unless you’re Isiah Thomas).


If Devon Harris lives up to his draft night potential, Jason Terry will get a few shooting guard minutes too. This leaves a plate of garbage time minutes and several DNP-CDs on Christie’s 2005-’06 player card.


I know it doesn’t seem fair for a player with a solid career, but if the Mavericks want success next year, they’d be smart to sit the old man down…and give him the minimum pay.


He needs to take more of a Glen Robinson role next season and signal to his wife from the bench.


Truth of the matter is D-Town is covered at the two, and would’ve been better served courting Steven Hunter, Mikki Moore…even defensive stopper DeSagana Diop!


Even without Christie’s salary, the Magic still expect to exceed the $61.7 million luxury-tax cap.


But at least they rid themselves of that thorn in their side.