Friday , Sep , 16 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

Exclusive Hot Sauce Interview

Who snaps backs, breaks necks, shakes sockets, picks pockets and shimmies in your face just to let you know he stole your soul? Who puts defenders in blenders, refs in rehab and crowds in convulsions? Who has the world in his knuckles, opponents in trouble, shuffles, doubles and turns ankles to rubble?

Who changed the game? Hot Sauce.

Keep your eyes open for HoopsVibe’s exclusive, triple-length interview with Sizzle himself, coming soon as a three-part series. Find out what Sauce had to say concerning his departure from And 1, the player on tour that gets under his skin, and the never-before-revealed projects that’ll keep jaws moving for years to come.

Exclusive Hot Sauce Interview

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Hot Sauce Interview Part 1

Hot Sauce Interview Part 2

Hot Sauce Interview Part 3