Thursday , Nov , 10 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

Rockets Heat

Okay, yesterday turned out to be a pretty bad day for me. But, for some reason, today almost seemed worse.

Maybe it was when my chicken started shedding charred (I think) skin as I sunk my teeth into its microwaved self for lunch.

Maybe it was the extreme gassing of sulfur and *ss that filled my room as fast as a German sleeping gas as I hoped into bed. Maybe it was my terrible back pain that seemed like a rod was shoved under my skin.
Maybe it was the sick taste in my mouth after picking up the paper and reading about the fatal and backhanded Al-Qaeda hotel suicide bombings in Jordan yesterday. Those filthy, soulless b*stards.
Maybe it’s just the cold weather that’s going to keep coming and coming and coming.
Hey! This is getting a bit off-track, Ryne. We’re here to talk about what’s good in the world.
Honestly friends, all this is righted by the magical game of basketball, which takes an unnaturally negative mood and rocks it into a jubilation. Poof! Yes, this is what’s going to carry us through the ungodly, ice-cold weather of the fall, winter and spring. Yes. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
And today, oh we have only a select few, but nonetheless sweet three games on our hands. The loss of Shaq and Mac. The battle of the brothers, maybe coaching against each other for the last time.
Anything can happen in this TNT-broadcast. But I already know the outcome. It’s the Heat. Yes sir, this is going to a brutal battle forced through All-Star caliber secondary stars. But all know DWade has the heart of tiger with mad rabies and Yao Ming has the heart 1/3 of this massive body (which is doctors confirm, still two times larger than the average human heart).
Despite Yao’s massive improvements (and potentially a season actually deserving of an All-Star nod), the Heat will prevail. They just have too many tested warriors to go down, even if the men from Miami are all kicking each other’s shins in the fourth. The game will be already over.
As for the Bad Boys, friends…yes, they WILL rock the Suns’ frantic rear ends. The Pistons are far too professional, far too deadly to give any leeway to a team that prays after every game for its center to return.
The Pistons will brutally grind down any attempts at pace and muscle and impose their will on their helpless opponent. Detroit will own the warm state of Arizona tonight.
And the world will be okay, grand and amazing once again tonight. So enjoy it. Basketball is all we have and all we will have. It is our one constant.