Monday , Nov , 21 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

For The Love Of Basketball 51st edition


How the mighty have fallen.

A few years ago (three to be exact) the Los Angeles Lakers and the Sacramento Kings were involved in one of the greatest playoff series in NBA history. The epic battle took seven games and overtime to decide a winner (Lakers), leading many to believe that Lakers versus Kings would be an annual playoff occurrence.

For The Love Of Basketball 51st edition

That would be a negative.
Now here we are in 2005, and both teams are less than mediocre and struggling to find themselves. From potential champions to lost in the mystery. Times have definitely changed… and unfortunately, not for the better. On the bright side, it is early and both teams have time to turn things in a positive direction, but we’re all a long way from those 2002 Western Conference Finals.
Someone once said you are what your record says you are. And I’d say winning eight of your first ten games makes you a good team.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Los Angeles Clippers are dare I say a good team.
With the additions of Cuttino Mobley and Sam Cassell, the Clippers now have an experienced and deadly backcourt to balance out a strong young frontcourt led by the underrated Elton Brand. Watching them handle the Lakers last Friday forced me to come to a conclusion that I would have NEVER fathomed. The Clips are not only the best hoops team in L.A.; they’re the best basketball team in the state of California.
The Atlanta Hawks still suck! 
I guess some things never change.
–If Lamar Odom doesn’t start producing like his paycheck says he should, I will personally start the “Trade His Ass” campaign.
–After publicly criticizing team president Kevin McHale for his personnel decisions, I’d say that my prediction that this will be Kevin Garnett’s final season in Minnesota is slowly coming to fruition.
–How about Vince Carter smashing on Alonzo Mourning? It couldn’t have happened to a better guy.
–Lost in the Pistons great 8-1 start is the fact that they only lead their division by a mere 1/2 game.
–There’s really no excuse for the Houston Rockets to be 3-7, none.
–Word outta New York is Stephon Marbury and Larry Brown aren’t getting along and that trade rumors involving the former are circulating. The Larry Brown Era has OFFICIALLY begun.
–Watching basketball when your team isn’t playing is a lot easier on the soul than when they are.
–Did y’all hear? The Raptors won their first game of the new NBA season on November 20, 2005. Check today’s paper if you don’t believe me.

Happy Thanksgiving.