Sunday , Dec , 18 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

For The Love Of Basketball 53rd edition


I was watching the Rockets vs. Sonics game on TNT last Thursday, and I noticed something that tripped me out.

What has Doug Collins done to his hair? Why did he dye it blond, and who told him that it looked good? Collins knows he works on television; did he think no one would notice?

He looks surdiculous (absurd + ridiculous)!!
But that’s Doug Collins for you, overly emotional (he used to cry when he coached the Bulls prior to Phil Jackson) and questionable when it comes to decision-making (coming out of retirement to coach the Wizards).
But I digress…
Remember when I said that Stan Van Gundy wouldn’t complete the season as the coach of the Miami Heat? Well if you don’t, here’s my proof:
“–Three things are going to happen in Miami this season: Team conflict, Stan Van Gundy’s dismissal (termination or resignation), and playoff failure.”
–FTLB #49, October 24, 2005
See, I told you. And it looks like I’m 2 for 2 so far (team conflict), with the third prediction sure to come to fruition in the spring. But let’s tackle the Van Gundy situation while it’s still relevant.   I don’t buy the whole family excuse. I think as soon as the Pistons in the 2005 Eastern Conference Finals eliminated the Heat, Van Gundy’s days were numbered. Team President Pat Riley said he was going to starting playing a more active role, and after Shaq fingered Van Gundy as the culprit for their failures in the playoffs, it was clear what role Riley was referring to. 
That’s a ruthless way to treat the guy who essentially saved the franchise. After Riley threw his hands up in defeat after the unsuccessful Alonzo Mourning Era, Van Gundy took over and miraculously led the team to the second round of the playoffs in 2004. The success of that season led to Shaq choosing Miami as the team he preferred to be traded to, taking them from pretender to contender status. Van Gundy did an admirable job guiding them to the precipice of the Finals, yet surprisingly, it wasn’t enough for good ol’ Stan to keep his job. So now the pressure is on. And if Riley and Shaq can’t lead this team to the top (which they won’t), then they should both receive some Kobe like backlash (which they rightfully deserve).
–Ron Artest’s an idiot, guess what he just realized? He ruined a perfect situation for himself. He’ll never be a franchise player, and no team would ever make him the focal point of their offense. And that’s all I have to say about the matter because I truly believe this is just a ploy for him to garner attention.
–Rumor out of Cleveland is that LeBron James and Larry Hughes had a heated discussion about his majesty taking too many shots during the Cavs 3-game losing streak. It sounds like the thrill is gone.
–Why are people making such a big deal about Kobe’s tights? Basketball players have always worn crazy accessories. Besides, it looks like he’s starting a new trend (Ray Allen and Samuel Dalembert) around the league.
–There’s no excuse why Elton Brand is trailing Amare Stoudemire in All Star votes.
–Before last night’s loss to the Mavs, the T-Wolves had lost 3 consecutive games by a combined 5 points. That’s gotta be tough to swallow.
–What happened to Antawn Jamison’s game?
–Thus far, Chris Paul is unquestionably the Rookie of the Year.
–Shouldn’t the league be sweatin’ the manufacturer (Reebok) over the length team jersey shorts instead of the players?
–The Colts are STILL going to win the Super Bowl.
–Nevertheless, football season is almost over y’all, now basketball can take its rightful place in the spotlight.
Happy Holidays