Wednesday , Jan , 04 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

The Deacs need to step it up

Their record may not show it, but Wake Forest is clearly struggling. Though they only have two losses on the season, the Deacons seem to be scraping by. Their loss to DePaul may have started the downfall. As the game snapped their 21 home game winning streak, the Deacons have had trouble recuperating.

December 22 against Richmond … perfect example. Wake Forest nearly lost and managed to put up only 47 points!!
Yesterday’s game against East Carolina … another scare for Skip Prosser. The Deacons managed to edge by ECU in a low-scoring game of 58-54.
With big man Eric Williams, you’d think WFU would be dominant down-low. The 6’9” 280-pound senior is a powerhouse. Yet he only managed to put up 13 points in 37 minutes of playing time yesterday.
Sunday’s home game against Duke could be a major turning point for Wake Forest. A chance to start a new home game winning streak. A chance for the two Williamses to go head to head in the paint. A chance for the Deacons to utilize their depth, from Justin Gray and Eric Williams to freshmen like Sharmaine Dukes and Harvey Hale. A win could easily boost their confidence and their performance.
But regardless of their upcoming game, I have to hand it to WFU. When it comes down to it, the Deacons have remained victorious overall. Whether it’s been a 47-40 or an 87-80 score, a win’s a win. 

Still, Skip’s team has a lot of potential to be far more exciting than what they’re showing. At Winston-Salem on Sunday … it’s on.