Monday , Jan , 09 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

It may not be so bad after all

I’ve been granted a reprieve. It looks like I won’t be bored to tears this college hoops season after all.

Last night’s games were definitely worth sitting on the couch like a useless bum with my eyes glued to the TV. My nine-hour stint in front of the tube started with the WVA and Villanova game – UPSET! The Mountaineers, ranked 24th came back from a 15-point deficit in the second half to edge out No. 3 Villanova. With nearly a minute left, the game was riding on a free throw by WVA’s Patrick Beilein dropped a crucial free throw off to seal the game. I love it when it comes down to one shot!

Oh, and not only was the game big for the Mountaineers in terms of a confidence booster, but it also kept Villanova from moving up in the rankings because Marquette beat No. 2 Connecticut. Nicely done Mountaineers.
So after stuffing myself with junk food in preparation for another long sit-in in front of the TV, I was given another game well-worth my interest.  Boston College at Georgia Tech. No. 11 BC goes down … and, once again, it came down to one shot. G-Tech’s Zam Frederick hit a tie-breaking 3-pointer with nearly 33 seconds left. The Yellow Jackets were strong enough to maintain the lead until the end, despite a couple of opportunities BC had to come back. 
Onto my final game of the evening before calling it quits: Duke at Wake Forest. To be honest, I was kind of rooting for Wake. I wanted them to prove their strength on the floor and to have their confidence boosted for the remainder of the season. And really, I was getting tired of Duke’s seemingly only play: “give-the-ball-to-J.J. Redick-and-get-the-hell-out-of-the-way.” Don’t get me wrong. Redick is one heck of a player, arguably the most talented in the league right now, but he still is only one player. Beyond Redick and Williams, it seems as if the Blue Devils have hardly any depth. It’s hard to root for a team when one player pretty much is  the team. 
But regardless, the kid is incredibly consistent and he leads his team to victories … major victories. For the first time, the Deacons lost to the Blue Devils on their home court. Sorry guys.
Now that my ass is as flat as a pancake and I probably packed on a good five pounds over night … I’m ready for tonight’s games. Bring it.