Wednesday , Jan , 11 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Dukies or Terps?

So who’s it gonna be? Duke or Maryland.

If you’re one to rely on previous season’s results to determine the outcome of a future game, go with Maryland. The Terrapins beat the Blue Devils on their home court last year 75-66, ending a 15-game winning streak for Duke. A month later on their territory, Maryland defeated the Dukies again 99-92.

But if you’re one to bet on a team’s current statistics to determine the result of a matchup, put your money on Duke. The Blue Devils are 14-0 on the season and can make it happen both on offense and defense. J.J. Redick’s shooting … do I really need to explain? And, according to an AP article, Duke’s opponents have the lowest shooting percentage in nation for outside of the arc. With DeMarcus Nelson back on the floor, things only look that much better.
There is only one thing that could keep the Devils from advancing, whether it be against Maryland or a team in the future: their depth. Basically, as I’ve said before, Redick is Duke. Take him out of the game, and I don’t see Duke in the top 25. Even with Nelson. Even with Sheldon Williams. Even with Sean Dockery. They’re not enough.
As for the Maryland, I’m putting my money on this year’s stats.