Thursday , Jan , 12 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

When they fall, they fall hard

Last night had to hurt.
Not only did Duke put on their typical show / rout against the Terrapins, but Shelden Williams added a triple-double and J.J. Redick added dunking to his repertoire of scoring tricks. The three-game losing streak to Terps … done. At the rate Duke is going, it doesn’t look like anyone can stop them, or even at least walk away without being totally destroyed. The only disappointment for Duke on Thursday had to be seeing DeMarcus Nelson leave with another injury. Sorry if I sound like a sap, but … poor guy.

But Maryland wasn’t the only team to fall hard. Wake Forest continues to struggle and now their record is starting to show it. The Deacons lost to Clemson in overtime 74-73. One measly, little point. I’d say Justin Gray and Eric Williams contributed their fair share (with 27 and 22 points respectively), but where the hell was the rest of the team? Sigh.