Friday , Jan , 13 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

The NBA age limit needs fixing

When the age limit of 19 was first installed for players wanting to head to the NBA, I’ll admit I was kind of for it. Being in college myself, I didn’t really enjoy watching kids younger than me have a chance to earn millions overnight by simply putting a ball in a hoop. I also thought it was smart from the NBA’s standpoint in that these kids have little, if any, understanding of how to handle such a huge income. Cadillac Escalades, diamond-encrusted … everything, multi-million dollar homes. I know he’s not a ball player, but look what happened to M.C. Hammer!

But now, I think my views on the situation are starting to change. Now players are required to play at least a year in college. When I read that, I think ‘Ok, they’ll play a year just to appease to rule, they won’t care about the college team and they’ll blow off their academics.’ Basically, I think they’re gonna screw the colleges. In turn, they’ll make the academic side of college washed-up and, I think, they’ll play with little heart in the games. They’re just going to be trying to get through the year so they can go on to the NBA.
If they’re going to require an age limit, which I still think they should, they should make it higher. Make it so the kids have to prove themselves in college, both on the court and in the classroom. Make it so the players have to care about something other than the ridiculous paycheck they’ll receive if and when they get drafted. Make it so they have to experience a life somewhat closer to what other students face in college. Make it higher to benefit the players, the schools and the NBA.