Saturday , Jan , 14 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Villanova – A win at Texas could be huge

Texas may have won the Rose Bowl, but can they pull off a win against No. 3 Villanova today?

The Longhorns’ football team had Vince “Invincible” Young. (And that’s about it, really.) Their basketball team has P.J. Tucker and LeMarcus Aldridge.

Young proved he was all that Texas needed to win the Championship and become the dominant force in college football.
Tucker and Aldridge contribute tremendously to their team, averaging around 18 and 17 points respectively, and have helped Texas maintain 32-point winning margin in their last five games.
But is it enough? Young may have been able to bring home a Championship trophy, but depth and consistency may be the keys for the No. 8 Longhorns to bring home a win against No. 3 Villanova.
Texas may need more than just Tucker and Aldridge if they plan on snapping Villanova’s six-road game winning streak. Daniel Gibson is going to really need to step up and the Longhorns are going to need to turn it out on defense. In their last game against Colorado, Texas did just that, creating 12 turnovers for an easy rout. 
Villanova started their season with a 10-game winning streak, but faced an upset against West Virginia and struggled to pull out a win against Rutgers in their last two games. They’ve got an undefeated road game record so far and they could pose a big challenge to the Longhorns.
If they can beat Villanova on their home court, the school could easily become to biggest powerhouse in college athletics right now. They’re already the dominant team in the Big 12. 
Duke may be huge in basketball, but their football team isn’t even an afterthought. 
USC’s bball team isn’t quite as strong as Texas’.
UCLA … nope.
Carolina … nope.
Can Texas pull it off?