Sunday , Jan , 15 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Saturday’s college hoops round-up

Yesterday’s games were just flat-out good games. There was one upset I wasn’t particularly happy about (give me a break! I go to Carolina!).

But the Texas Longhorns came through big in their 58-55 win over Villanova. Simply put, they did what they needed to do. Aldridge came through big with 19 points, while his team’s defense held Villanova to a mere 27 percent in shooting.

The first half was somewhat worrisome as ‘Nova’s defense held P.J. Tucker to only two points and led at the break 26-24. But Aldridge’s performance in the paint was simply unstoppable. Nicely done.
So Duke won … again. What else is new? Apparently this game was big news to the AP who claimed Redick had an off-day only hitting two 3-pointers and missing four of 16 foul shots. But as the Blue Devils racked up their 19th win against Clemson, Redick finished with 34 points. Yeah, he really sucked, huh?
Onto the next game. It may not have been a notable game in the polls or team standings, but I think the Gonzaga / Pepperdine game is worth mentioning. Just for the fact that Gonzaga’s Adam Morrison and J.P. Batista put on quite a show. Morrison finished with 31 points (he’s averaging 28 this season) and Batista added 27 in the ‘Zag’s 102-73 rout over the Waves. Oh, and they also claimed their 31st straight home-game win. Not bad.
Finally, I have to mention the UNC game. I’ll try to keep my Tar Heel loyalty and bias out of it. (Key word: try). The Miami Hurricanes finally beat the Heels at home 81-70 for the first time in their last six attempts. The dominantly-freshman squad for UNC was out rebounded 43-34 and the Hurricanes took advantage of their multiple second opportunities on the boards. Sigh. Good game Miami.