Tuesday , Jan , 17 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

For The Love Of Basketball 55th edition

19 Perplexing Questions

1. If the old adage of “Live by the three, die by the three” is true, then why do some players and teams still try to live by it?

2. If a game’s on the line and a team needs a three pointer to tie the game, why doesn’t the opposing team foul and CONCEDE two free throws?

3. Why does there seem to be a public backlash against the NBA, what happened to the love affair?
4. When the referees blow blatant calls, do they get fined for their mistakes?
5. Isn’t it amazing that NBA players get per diem for every day they’re on the road?
6. Did you know that in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (Cleveland newspaper) they have a “Lebron Watch” section that is updated daily?  
7. What has happened to the art of running a fast break? Everyone shoots 3s instead of lay ups.
8. Can someone tell me what happened to the player formerly known as Stevie Franchise? 
9. I love Charles Barkley, but how can he sit on his TNT perch and criticize current players when he wasn’t the ideal player, leader, teammate, or champion?
10. After years of existence, why does the pick and roll still baffle defenders?
11. How come you can’t touch a guard with one hand dribbling up the court, but you can touch a center with one hand in the post?
12. If basketball is such a “team” game, then why does the league and media hype individual match ups so much and then complain about them later?
13. Are Jermaine O’Neal and Carmelo Anthony planning on rockin’ cornrows and headbands for their ENTIRE careers?
14. Does anyone else think it’s incredible that Eric Snow and Bo Outlaw are still in the league and Harold Miner isn’t?
15. How is it possible for a guard to shoot less than 80% from the free throw line?
16. Why didn’t Steve Nash play like he’s playing now when he was in Dallas?
17. Seriously, how can the Charlotte Bobcats be better than the Portland Trail Blazers?
18. Why isn’t there a rule that prevents players from making the Hall of Fame if they play for more than three teams?
19. How could Vanderjagt miss that field goal so BADLY???