Saturday , Jan , 21 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Duke vs. Tennessee – the biggest of them all

The next game to watch is not the Duke-Georgetown men’s game.

It’s not the Wake Forest-N.C. State game.

It’s not the Florida-Tennessee game, nor the V-Tech-Maryland game, nor the Kentucky-South Carolina game.
The next biggest game, if not the biggest of the season, is the women’s Duke-Tennessee match up on Monday. HUGE.
Let me put this into perspective for you.
Pat Summit just reached 900 career wins. With Candace Parker and Shanna Zolman both averaging around 15 points per game, Summit’s “900” will quickly change.
As for Duke, coach Goestenkors may be a youngin’ when compared to Summit, but her accolades are no less impressive. Five ACC titles and a winning 73.9 winning percentage, she’s for real. This year, she’s got Monique Currie, too, who averages 15 points and dropped 20 on N.C. State last night.
The Vols and the Devils are 18-0. On Monday, somebody’s gotta be 18-1. Who’s it gonna be?