Saturday , Jan , 21 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Duke falls to Georgetown

There has to be a first for everything. Georgetown handed Duke one of those “firsts” for this season. The Dukies lost 87-84 to the Hoyas.

I hate to keep harping on the same thing about Duke, but it bothers me. They have no depth. Redick had 41, but he can’t always carry a team. Granted, he’s done so for the previous 17 games, but one guy can only do so much. 
Of course, that’s always been Krzyzewski style. He’ll have an awesome starting five (sometimes less, as in the case this year) but nobody beyond that. An off day for one can be detrimental to the team. Only two other players scored in double digits for Duke in the Georgetown game. For Pete’s sake, Redick scored half of the points! The entire rest of the team can make up for the other half?!
Georgetown had five of their players score at least 13 points. Though they’re only ranked 7th in the Big East (maybe higher since Pittsburgh lost to St. Johns), they managed to balance their players stats. Five of their players had 13 or more points. Brandon Bowman contributed 23 points and 6 assists while Jeff Green added another 18 points and 7 assists. Simply put, it may take two players to do what Redick did, but when other players pitch in their fair share, it creates a win. The Devils are not going to survive if Shelden Williams continues to only put up 4 points or point guard Jason McRoberts only has 5 points and one assist.
Still, the Blue Devils are strong and I don’t expect them to let down the rest of the season. Assuming Florida handles Tennessee, the Gators remain the biggest threat to Duke. Especially with five of their players averaging more than 11 points … you know, kinda like a team. Novel concept, huh?