Saturday , Jan , 21 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Hot Sauce’s Return: A Message to the Fans

Since the recent announcement of Hot Sauce’s return to AND 1, the world has been eager for more information, and we at HoopsVibe are your source, as always. What follows is an exclusive release direct from Sauce’s management regarding the news.

Hot Sauce's Return: A Message to the Fans

Legendary streetballer "Hot Sauce" will be returning as an AND 1 endorser. Both parties are excited to be working together again to help build the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour property as the world’s premiere streetball event.

Sauce’s return to AND 1 comes after he spent about a year away from the brand, independently pursuing both basketball and entertainment opportunities. The past year has helped Sauce develop his skills on and off the court and become an even bigger asset to AND 1.

Hot Sauce is an important member of the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour roster of players, and his arsenal of jaw-dropping ball-handling moves and crossover skills are something fans of AND 1 are eager to see again.

Management for AND 1 and Hot Sauce have come to terms that are beneficial for both, and are looking ahead to make plans for Hot Sauce’s involvement with AND 1 for 2006 and beyond.

Chcek back soon to hear Hot Sauce himself speak on his return in his coming interview with HoopsVibe.