Wednesday , Jan , 25 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

The Big East is not the best

I’m willing to be the one that everyone disagrees with. The Big East is NOT the top conference this season. Before anyone bites my head off, let me offer my reasoning.

First: Georgetown beat Duke … big freaking deal. The Hoyas still have a record of 13-4 while the Blue Devils are 17-1. Georgetown may have come away with a big win, but just because they beat Duke, people overlook the fact that they lost to No. 37 Vanderbilt earlier in the season. I’m willing to bet that they couldn’t beat Duke a second time.
Second: Connecticut may be No. 1 now, and not to keep defending Duke, but they lost to fellow conference member Marquette, who’s only at No. 40 in the polls. Also, just as Duke may face this problem later on, is Uconn’s depth. They have only two players averaging double-digit points. If they face a team like Florida, who has five players in double-digits, they may run into a challenge.
Third: So the Big East has seven teams in the Top 25. Again, big freaking deal. In 2004, the ACC had a record-tying seven teams ranking in the AP poll. But that was the second time they accomplished that. December 1997 was the first time for the ACC. The Big Ten also got seven of the teams on the poll in January 1999, but never for as long a duration as the ACC. Hah! Beat that.
And finally, one last note. If North Carolina can beat Boston College tonight, their ranking should go up. Even though BC is in their conference, additional points for the Heels could knock of Syracuse from the bottom of the poll. 

Just something to think about. Hate me if you want.