Thursday , Jan , 26 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

The Big East continued …

Since I was an “idiot” yesterday, I’m guessing that I’m a total moron today, right? Seton Hall beat N.C. State. Demolished N.C. State. Destroyed N.C. State. Yes, a Big East team, an unranked Big East team, beat an ACC team.

Seton Hall’s 5’10” powerhouse guard, Donald Copeland embarrassed State’s Engin Atsur, who is a good five inches taller than him. Copeland racked up 22 points and held his counterpart to zero. As in none, notta, zilch. The Pirates dominated on the boards, pulling down 41 rebounds as compared to the Wolfpack’s 27.
And Connecticut proved they deserve the No. 1 spot as they beat St. John’s 66-50. Forward Rudy Gay put up 20 points and Josh Boone showed the Huskies’ defense is worth taking note of as he had seven blocks.
Oh, but wait, it gets better. Just as I had considered that UNC could possibly beat Boston College and knock Syracuse out of the Top 25, my reputation as an idiot was once again validated.
And so, I’ll leave you with these “talking points”:
         Not to defend myself in any way, but I wrote yesterday’s article BEFORE the Seton Hall game. Still, the Pirates handled their business, no doubt.
         Man, I’m so over the loss. So over it that I never even was down about it because I go to UNC.
         To “rant” is to utter or express with violence or extravagance. Pick your words more carefully and get back to me.
         No, I don’t get paid to write this crap. I write this crap out of sheer enjoyment of writing crap. And I have no life.
         And I named three players from the Big East

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