Monday , Jan , 30 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

For The Love Of Basketball 56th edition

Midseason Observations, Thoughts and Awards

Quote of the Midseason:

“I’d rather not win a championship, than chase one.”
–Allen Iverson

This goes out to Gary Payton and Alonzo Mourning whom have both decided to allow themselves to be pimped out in pursuit of a championship ring that neither will win. DISGUSTING.

Team of the Midseason:

The Detroit Pistons
A squad that is an absolute joy to watch because they have decided to forsake the customary contender mentality of taking the regular season for granted for the Play-Every-Game-Like-It’s-Your-Last-And-Smash-EVERYBODY method of practice.
Top NBA related Television Commercial
Nike featuring LeBron James
Great idea, good fun, wonderful display of personality and the dancing… “Drop that old school!”
The Be Like Him Player of the Midseason:
Kobe Bryant
Who took a surdiculous (absurd + ridiculous) amount of flack from the media for wearing full-length tights under his game shorts but saw an array of other players (Michael Redd, Andre Igoudala, Samuel Dalembert, Jerry Stackhouse, Ray Allen, LeBron James, and etc.) follow suit without receiving any negative backlash. I didn’t know sacrifice came with being a trendsetter.
The Fall on Your Own Sword Moment of the Midseason: 
The resignation of Head Coach Stan Van Gundy
His team was drastically underachieving, the players and upper-management unfairly blamed him, they gave him his walking papers, and paid him hush money to say he came to this conclusion on his own because he wanted to spend more time with his family. That ladies and gentlemen is the true definition of a company man.

The Watch Your Man Fall on His Own Sword Power Play Moment of the Midseason

Belongs to Pat Riley
He broke up a team that was a game away from the Finals, realized he made a mistake when the new team initiated the season so poorly, and decided he better do something drastic (like sell his coach down the river) before a mutiny took place right under his nose. That ladies and gentlemen is the true definition of wicked.

The Cursed by the Basketball Gods Team of the Midseason:
The Houston Rockets
Injuries to their main guys (Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady) have essentially WASTED their season, which was filled with championship hopes, dreams, and prayers. I guess it’s safe to say that those prayers will not be answered. Not this year at least.

The Acceptation of My Trash is the Next Man’s Treasure Ideology of the Midseason:

Belongs to the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Boston Celtics
Two teams who exchanged Wally Szczerbiak and a stiff for Ricky Davis and a bunch of stiffs HOPING the action will pacify their respective stars (Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce) that will NO DOUBT finish their careers wearing different uniforms.

Greatest Individual Performance of the Midseason:
Kobe Bryant
He scored 81 points —eighty-one!–in an NBA game without overtime. Hate him or love him, we are watching greatness so enjoy him while you still can.
Funniest Moment of the Midseason 
Lakers vs. Pistons, January 29, 2006
When Chauncey Billups removed his blood stained jersey for a clean one on the court and the females in the audience “oohed” and “ahhed” as if they were at a Justin Timberlake concert. Something I never expected to witness at a basketball game.
The Self Destruction Award of the Midseason
Goes to Ron Artest
Who single-handedly torpedoed his own and the Indiana Pacers chances of winning anything significant in the near future. I hope his rap career was worth it.
The Smoke Away Your Career Award 
Goes to Chris Andersen
He was banned from the league for 2 years for failing a drug test. Sigh… He was BARELY in the league anyway; one would think if a person was on borderline status, they’d do EVERYTHING possible to comply with the league rules. What a clown.
The Unmitigated Disaster of the Midseason Award: 
Goes to Isiah Thomas and the New York Knicks
And unfortunately for them, it’s only going to get worse.
Until next time.