Saturday , Feb , 04 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Should the freshmen go pro?

NBA draft prospects have talked a lot about taking ACC freshmen Tyler Hansbrough and Josh McRoberts. I’m having trouble deciding whether or not I think drafting these two would be beneficial for them and the league.

First off, Hansbrough and McRoberts are arguably a couple of the top players in college basketball, let alone the freshmen class. Hansbrough has exceeded most expectations and has, I think, taken over David Noel’s expected role as UNC’s leader. The 6-9 center averages nearly 18 points and eight rebounds a game.


Josh McRoberts, though his stats may not be as impressive, has proven his capability on the floor, but with Shelden Williams and J.J. Redick alongside him, his skills can sometimes get masked. If he’s proven anything this year, it’s that he’s very coach able and adaptable. McRoberts, who’s 6-10 has had to adjust to playing the high post with Williams starting in the low post. I’m no pro scout, but a player who is capable of changing his game to fit a team’s needs would seem extremely valuable.


With high-school seniors being no longer eligible for the draft and many of the would-be college players already gone, like LeBron James and Amare Stoudemire (who would have been a senior), the NBA may have some slim pickens.


I have no doubts that Hansbrough and McRoberts have the skills to play now and the potential to someday be great in the NBA. But if they were to stay in college a little longer, they may gain experiences that could be vital – especially McRoberts. As Williams and Redick leave, he may get a chance to show all of his talent and take on a leadership role. For Hansbrough, some extra time under Roy Williams’ guidance would allow him to work on being more consistent.