Monday , Feb , 06 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

The Hoyas keep moving up

Though yesterday was the day of the Super Bowl, college basketball did not cease. And if you’re not a Steeler nor a Seahawk fan, you were very grateful.

Yesterday I said that Florida State could be the next big team to watch out for. Let me add another one to that list: Georgetown. The Hoyas have not only beat Duke this year, but they just conquered Pittsburgh as well. Georgetown overcame a 15-point deficit and held Pittsburgh 7-foot center scoreless in the second half.
But it gets better. The Hoyas moved their 6-9 forward Jeff Green to a point-forward position, allowing him to rack up 22 points to match his career-high. Georgetown finally ended a four-game losing streak to the Panthers and moved up to fourth place in the Big East.
So put this in perspective. Georgetown is playing in the toughest conference in the NCAA and they’re beating teams that are within the top 10. And, as they did last night, they’ve managed to do this even when their big-men get out-rebounded and out-scored.
I don’t mean to sound “fannish,” but you got to give credit where credit’s due.