Tuesday , Feb , 07 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

The Dukies come to Chapel Hill

You know what tonight is, don’t you? Only the biggest game of the regular season! And I’m not just saying that because I’m a loyal, often obsessive, Tar Heel fan. (Ok, so I lied.)

The Duke-UNC rivalry is competition at its finest. Though this yes, the Blue Devils may have the upper hand, it’s the hatred and hunger for a victory from both schools that makes it so great. 
The campuses are only nine miles apart and many students take classes at both universities. But everyone knows that you can’t be a fan of both. That’s why when the two teams finally meet all hell breaks loose in North Carolina.
If you want my take on it, I’ll tell you honestly that I think Duke will win. Reyshawn Terry is expected to go up against J.J. Redick, even though Roy Williams had proposed a defense in which multiple players would rotate guarding the sharp-shooter. The athleticism of Terry is impressive, but Redick will, and has in every other game, found a way to score – whether it’s outside the arc or driving in the lane. He’s even dunked in the last couple of games!
Tyler Hansbrough, the freshman “leader” for UNC, will be going up against Duke’s Shelden Williams. Hansbrough has shown significant improvement throughout the season, but the experience and strength of Williams will be too much for him, I think. In the Devils’ last game against Florida State, Williams had probably his best game of the season so far with 27 points and 13 rebounds. 
A close match-up will be between David Noel and Josh McRoberts – senior against freshman. David Noel, 6-6, 232 pounds, averages about 12 points and has had some big games for the Heels. McRoberts averages about eight points and four rebounds but is a good four inches taller than his counterpart.
The one match up that I think UNC will win is Danny Green against Duke’s Lee Melchionni. Both have nearly the same stats, but the athleticism of Green will overtake Melchionni.
Chapel Hill. Nine o’clock. (Go Heels!)