Thursday , Feb , 16 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Coaches Gone Wild

In the NBA, the players are the ones who seem to commit the majority of the “unethical” actions. Ron Artest and his arrogance, Kenyon Martin cursing at fans, Kobe Bryant … don’t even get me started with him.

But in college hoops, it seems that the coaches are the ones who don’t have their heads screwed on. Of course there are quite a few players as well who deserve scrutiny, but the coaches these days just aren’t quite there.
Case No. 1: Mike Davis is planning on resigning as Indiana’s head coach after this season. As the successor to the infamous Bobby Knight, Davis failed to be the Hoosiers’ missing link. 
He started his tenure at Indiana with some great seasons and even took his 2002 squad to the national championship game. But how many assistant coaches has he gone through? I lost count. And was he really sick during the Iowa game, or was he simply trying to avoid the pressure?
Then we have Oklahoma State’s Eddie Sutton and his alcohol problem. It’s big of him to admit he has a problem and that he’s seeking treatment … after he got so hammered he crashed his car and landed himself in the hospital! Gee, what a guy. 
Next in line is Missouri’s Quin Snyder. Krzyzewski’s boy should have been canned last season for recruiting violations, but he was given a reprieve and a chance to lead Missouri to yet another unsuccessful season. Resigning, too? Good choice.
Who’s up next? Why it’s Gary Waters! The Rutgers’ coach missed his team’s game Sunday because he had better things to do – like attend his induction to Kent State’s hall of fame. And of course, being the weatherman that he is, he figured the blizzard about to slam the Northeast would be of no concern. Long story short, Mr. Waters was not on the sidelines Sunday. You’re a lucky fella, Gary. Your team managed to pull it off without you there AND you still have your job. Your AD must really love you.
And finally, contestant No.5 hasn’t committed any violations like his counterparts, but the man is a piece of work. It’s hard to criticize his antics, though because his record and his players speak for themselves. 
But Mr. Krzyzewski is, well, how do you say … psycho? The way he grabbed Greg Paulus by his jersey and screamed in his face during their last game epitomized the way he’s always been during games. A Krzyzewski phrase is not complete without at least one four-letter word, there’s not a ref within the NCAA system that has had his or her head bitten off from the Head Dukie and rumor has it, he’s not so charming outside of the arena either. Obnoxious. 
Is sanity unheard of in sports?