Saturday , Feb , 18 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Duke and UNC lead the way

The No. 2 LSU women’s basketball team lost to Florida in a 79-78 shocker Thursday ending their 24-game SEC winning streak.

The No. 3 UNC women’s team defeated Virginia Tech on the road 84-75 Friday.
No. 1 Duke is preparing to take on Miami this Sunday – a game that is expected to result in the Blue Devils favor.
As women’s college hoops starts to wind down in the next couple of weeks, the top two teams are becoming more prominent and their bid for spots in the ACC Championship game seem inevitable.
Duke and UNC remain neck and neck. Both have lost one game and both continue dominate their opponents. 
Duke’s Monique Currie racked up 31 points in their last win against Maryland, and UNC’s Ivory Latta put up 26 in their win against the Hokies. Both teams have talent that stretches far beyond their leading scorers, too. Duke’s Alison Bales averages three blocks per game, while guard Lindsay Harding averages nearly five assists. With Currie averaging nearly 16 points, the Devils can get it done on both ends of the floor.
North Carolina’s Erlana Larkins, Camille Little and Latta have been the primary scorers, all averaging at least 12 points. Senior La’Tangela Atkinson has led her team in rebounding and has stepped up her defensive game tremendously this year.
I think it’s safe to say that these two teams are without a doubt the top teams in the nation. Tennessee used to be in the running, but they have struggled ever since Pat Summit hit win No. 900. 
The ACC Tournament starts March 2. But if Duke and UNC maintain their levels of play, the only game really worth watching is the finals March 5.