Monday , Feb , 27 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

For The Love Of Basketball 58th edition


I hope y’all don’t mind, but I feel like riffin’. You know, just saying whatever comes to mind–Charles Barkley style. So for the sake of my sanity, humor me.

–Whoever designed those all-star uniforms should have their textile license revoked.
–Watching the Lakers lose at home to the Atlanta Hawks and the Boston Celtics embarrassed me so much that it hurt.
–“Dancing With The Stars” was possibly the most pointless programming ever aired on television.
–Is it Turin or Torino?
–When his contract is up after next season, LeBron should leave Cleveland after those idiot fans booed him last Friday.
–Kenya Moore is the flyest woman on the planet.
–How much do NBA officials make a year?
–I’d like to suggest that we refer to Bode Miller as Phony Miller.
–I love Barry Bonds.
–After Nate Robinson missed his gazillionth dunk attempt, David Stern should have personally escorted him off the court.
–If defense is the key to victory, how come so very few teams play it?
–Alton is cementing his legacy as the greatest “Real World/Road Rules: Gauntlet” participant in the history of the show.
–There’s no way Duke is winning the NCAA Tournament, despite the fact that they DO get all of the calls.
–If someone says, “playing the right way” one more time, I hope the Basketball Gods strike Larry Brown with a lightning bolt since he started this madness.
–Rasheed Wallace had the dopest pair of All-Star shoes.
–Colin Cowherd is the most entertaining personality on sports radio.
–Chris Rock isn’t funny anymore.
–NBA TV should not be a subscription cable channel.
–Cam’ron and the Diplomats are atrocious rappers.
–The fact that some people would rather watch cars drive around in a circle than an NBA game is clearly a sign that Armageddon is upon us.
–Have you picked up a Source Magazine lately? Clearly the “Bible of Hip Hop” has become a reflection of the genre it covers.
–Did that guy that Kevin Garnett accidentally hit with a ball REALLY need a stretcher?
–The first season of “Nip/Tuck” should’ve won an Emmy. I live vicariously through Dr. Christian Troy every time I watch an episode.
–Magic Johnson is a legend; why doesn’t he act like it? STOP PARTICIPATING IN ALL-STAR WEEKEND!!! You don’t see Larry Bird doing stuff like that. That’s for guys like Steve Kerr and Dickey Simpkins.
–Against the Pistons, Shaq had his best performance of the season and Dwyane Wade had a phenomenal fourth quarter and Detroit STILL almost won.
–Steve Francis got traded for a guy who doesn’t even average five points a game (Trevor Ariza) and a washed up and an injury riddled Penny Hardaway. And the astounding thing about that is Orlando is regarded as the winner in that deal.
–God help Isiah Thomas.
–“Flavor of Love” is must see television.
–I can’t logically explain why Lamar Odom is a mediocre player.
–I think three-day weekends should be a weekly standard.
–Really, why can’t Kwame Brown catch the ball? 
–I watched a grown man sweat through an entire suit. Disgusting!
–Do people actually believe that signing a petition or boycotting Chevron and Shell for a DAY will lower gas prices?
–Even the Republicans can’t defend the President with this insane Dubai/Port debacle.
–The pick and roll is not that difficult to defend… seriously.
–I’m going to enjoy watching Tony Kornheiser on Monday Night Football.
–Why isn’t cooking a burger until its well done a general principle? My meat shouldn’t be red after it’s been on a grill for a period of time.
–Connecticut is the best team in the country.
–“The Boondocks” cartoon doesn’t do the earlier comic strips justice.
–I don’t have an IPOD and I don’t want one.
–The Cleveland Cavaliers should always wear their blue jerseys.
–Damon Jones is a loser.
–“Batman The Animated Series” is the best superhero cartoon ever.
–In the off-season, the Lakers should trade EVERYONE except Kobe. The ineptitude of some of those other players is mind boggling.
–I’m not checkin’ for “The Sopranos.”
–That Geico commercial with the cavemen is absolutely hilarious.
–Kenny Williams dropped ether on Frank Thomas.
–The “Inside Man” with Denzel Washington looks real good.
–Tecmo Bowl is STILL the greatest football video game of all time.
–People who complain about the NBA suck! So let it be written, so let it be fact.
Aiight I’m done.