Wednesday , Mar , 08 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Rafer Alston AKA Skip To My Lou Featured in Ubisoft’s AND 1 Streetball video game

Ubisoft’s AND 1 Streetball video game will feature NBA star Rafer Alston as the unlockable player “Skip to My Lou.” A streetball legend, Rafer Alston is currently the starting point guard for the Houston Rockets, average 11.6 points per game and 6.6 assists. Considered one of the best streetball players of all time, Alston achieved his legend status on the hallowed grounds of Holcombe Rucker Park. It was here where Alston was given the nickname “Skip to My Lou,” based on his unique style of play.

Rafer Alston AKA Skip To My Lou Featured in Ubisoft's AND 1 Streetball video gameAlston is credited as being the catalyst for the AND1 MixTapes. In the late 90s, a tape featuring his playground highlights known as the “Skip Tape” circulated like wildfire throughout the streetball community, eventually landing on the desks of AND 1.  Amazed by Alston’s moves, AND 1 invited him and other streetballers to Linden, NJ to film a game which would later become AND 1 MixTape #1.  The tapes influenced a generation of streetballers and propelled AND 1 to become the definitive streetball league. One of the few streetballers to successfully transition to the NBA, Alston has played with the Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, and Miami Heat in addition to the Houston Rockets during his 8 year career