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Fake or Authentic sneakers: Pick the right website!

Sometimes it's hard to tell which kicks are legit.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Get the lowdown on where to get your kicks.

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With the sneaker industry booming, there are a lot of people who want to take home their share of the profits. Unfortunately, they are going about doing it the wrong way. There are hundreds of websites that sell shoes, and all of them appear to be selling what you would call “authentic” items. But upon further review you might be surprised to find out that some of these sites actually have a policy page where they come clean about the authenticity of their merchandise. If you are aware that this is going on, yet still decide to buy, no harm is done. But by hiding where these sites put this information, they have tricked hundreds of unsuspecting customers into purchasing fake shoes.

With that being said, continue reading for a list of 47 websites selling sneakers, and whether or not they sell authentic or fake sneakers!


Authentic Sneakers

This site is selling 100% authentic Nike shoes to people from all
over the world. They specialize in selling rare Nike shoes including
Jordan's. The site states"We do not sell fakes, knock offs,
or factory variants and we are leading the battle against fake shoes
on the Internet by educating the consumer." guarantees that all of their sneakers are 100%
authentic. The frequently asked questions page clearly outlines
this by stating "We only sell Nike Authorized authentic shoes.
No variants and no fakes. Their shoes are supplied by authorized Nike
Retailers (example: Footaction, Champs and Footlocker)."
This site dubs their company as a "one-stop source for authentic
brand name sneakers"; They offer a large inventory of Nike
sneakers including the Jordan's, Air Force 1, and several limited editions. In
addition, they also carry every other major shoe manufacturer. They
also offer a testimonial page as a way of putting prospective customers
minds at ease.
The front page of this site sets the buyers mind to rest by stating
that all products, including the Nike Air Jordan Basketball shoes, are
100% authentic. states that they do not buy, sell, or trade any
shoes that are not 100% authentic. They do not deal with fakes
or variants, and every pair of shoes that they sell is thoroughly inspected
to ensure authenticity.
Fake/Variant Sneakers
Under the frequently asked questions page, this site admits that
their shoes are factory variants. You will not find any authentic
products on this site.
This site does not touch on the authenticity issue, but they do state
that they are not affiliated with Nike or Adidas in anyway.
On the frequently asked questions page, the question of “Are
the shoes fake” is addressed. The answer to this question
is that the shoes on the site are official factory variants that are
sold brand new.
The shoes that are sold through are not guaranteed
authentic. The site states that all of their merchandise are factory
variants, and have been customized. They customize merchandise
by producing shoes in colors that are generally not available to the
public. does not guarantee the authenticity of any shoes that
they sell. All of their products are factory variants that are
manufactured in unique and unreleased colors.
The frequently asked questions page on this site reveals that all
of their shoes are not authentic; instead they are customized shoes. They
state that their non authentic, customized shoes are of the same quality
as the factory originals. does not sell 100% authentic shoes. All of the
shoes that they have listed on their site are factory variants, and
have been customized.
All of the shoes that are listed on are factory variants. clearer states on their policy page that they
do not sell fake shoes. They state that every pair of shoes on
their site is real and genuine. But, they do go on to say that
all of their merchandise is manufactured in unique and unreleased colors. states that all of their shoes are 100% authentic, and
are shipped to customers packed in the original box. They also
note that the tag and style code number listed with each shoe is 100%
Upon review of this site, there was no information available on the
authenticity of the shoes that they offer. A call to the customer
service line was consistently rerouted to an email address. For
further information, your best bet would be to contact customer service
via the home page.
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