Monday , May , 08 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

For The Love Of Basketball 62nd edition


I want to preface this by saying that was a very fun first round to watch.

Exciting games, buzzer beaters, incredible individual performances, a Game 7, and a great comeback. I shouldn’t have any complaints at all, but…

I still had a few issues that REALLY bothered me.
–What happened to the notion of defense in the Cavaliers/Wizards series? The lack there of was surdiculous (absurd + ridiculous)! And most notably by the Wizards. I couldn’t believe how Antawn Jamison let LeBron James waltz down the baseline uninhibited for the winning basket in Game 5. His actions were criminal. And what about Washington Head Coach Eddie Jordan? Just what type of defensive strategy was he trying to implore? It’s obvious that he’s a fan of bullfighting by the matador style of defense the Wizards played. I could of swore I heard Gilbert Arenas yell “OLE’!” on one possession in Cleveland’s series clinching victory in Game 6. Pathetic.
–So-called dominant teams shouldn’t EVER struggle against the current Chicago Bulls. With that being said, the Miami Heat were fortunate to beat the Bulls. I didn’t anticipate that series being difficult for the Heat and that’s a credit to Chicago; but come on?! The Bulls have NO inside game and yet they were STILL able to stifle Shaquille O’Neal a/k/a The Artist Formerly Known as Shaq for the majority of the series. And no, I wasn’t impressed by his 30 point 20 rebound output in Game 6, in my opinion, IT SHOULDN’T HAVE TAKEN SO LONG!!!
–Playoff games on NBA TV. Enough said.
–How could the Pistons allow the Milwaukee Bucks to blow them out? I could understand if the Bucks won a hard fought game, but to get smashed by 20 plus points (Game 3) is unacceptable for the league’s best team. And sure they did what they were supposed to do by vanquishing Milwaukee, but still…
–The Denver Nuggets. Did anyone inform them about the difference between the playoffs and the pre-season? They didn’t even show up. If it weren’t for the Clippers GIVING away Game 3, Denver would’ve gotten swept. An absolute abysmal performance. And I’m not even going to speak on the Kenyon Martin debacle. But I’ll say this; he’s an OVERRATED IMMENSELY OVERPAID FAKE SUPERSTAR.
–A washed up Gary Payton trying to berate Dwyane Wade DURING a playoff game (Game 4). Did he forget who was the desperate and disgusting title chasing has been and who was meal ticket?
–Leaving three point shooters open when that is exactly the LAST thing you should do when the opponent needs a three pointer. It’s amazing how players (Kings and Lakers) can lose their heads during those situations. People, a two-point field goal doesn’t–I REPEAT–doesn’t hurt you. So why does everyone playing defense panic at the sight of an offensive player making a foray to the basket? Mind-boggling.
–Raja Bell forgetting that his name isn’t Randy “Macho Man” Savage.
–Kobe catching flack from some members of the media for his 50-point performance in Game 6 versus the Phoenix Suns. That was high-level basketball and the Lakers needed EVERY one of those baskets. To even suggest that he lost that game for the Lakers is asinine. They were 6 seconds away from advancing to the second round, and if they had, those same hypocritical media clowns would’ve lauded him for his heroic performance. Kobe can’t win when he loses and he can’t win when he wins. A conundrum if I ever heard of one.
–The Memphis Grizzlies going 0-for the playoffs… AGAIN!!! Question: If you don’t win a game in the playoffs, did really even make them?
–My Los Angeles Lakers NO SHOW in a Game 7. It’s Game 7! How could they play like they did? Their season’s on the line and that’s when they decide to play their worst game of the season? Awful. And I know they’re young and inexperienced, but for the love of basketball, that’s no excuse to play like the 2005-2006 New York Knicks. What a shame. Kwame Brown, and Lamar Odom reverted back to what they truly are, underachievers. I guess you can say they showed their true colors. And the disappearing act by Smush Parker over the last 3 2/3 games (he did make a great steal in Game 4, but before and after that he SUCKED!) was something David Blaine couldn’t even match. It was so disgraceful, that Kobe left his spirit in the locker room after halftime of the deciding game of the series. Sigh… Oh, and I have another question; why CAN’T Kwame Brown catch the ball? It’s one of the greatest perplexing mysteries I’ve ever come across. I can’t even take consolation in the fact that this season was a vast improvement over the previous one. All I can think about was how they SQUANDERED an incredible opportunity, and when it was gut check time, they cowered in nervousness and fear. Embarrassing.
Aiight, I’m done venting. Here’s hoping for a second round that is just as good, just without the GLARING deficiencies. Until then.