Friday , Jun , 23 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

EBC Day Four: J Records vs. Pearl Harbor

Following the murder that was this evening’s Game One, the crowd is eager for some competitive basketball, and the opening minutes of the Pearl Harbor-J Records contest deliver exactly that. The early going is a tale of two face-offs, with J Records’ “The Building” matching the efforts of Pearl Harbor’s “Young Bandit” bucket-for-bucket, with their big men, “The Total Package” and “The Reanimator” respectively, doing likewise down low.

EBC Day Four: J Records vs. Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor soon find a way to pull ahead, however, scrapping one-on-one isolations in favour of five-plus-pass plays that result in a run of layups. While The Building is still managing to convert for J Records, they can’t hold their opponents at the other end, and Pearl Harbor’s lead of one point swells to five within the space of sixty seconds. A timely timeout soon settles J Records, though, and their commitment to the boards allows them to claw their way back into the game, an unlikely four-point play by Brandon bringing them within one.
As in the previous game, however, the eventual winners decide that enough is enough, and with nearly thirty minutes to go, Pearl Harbor take over the game with a string of fastbreaks that panics J Records into making the unforgivable error of playing defence with their hands, giving their foes free throws on nearly every other play. Following a layup from the Maniac, an and-one and a dunk in quick succession, J Records find themselves in a 47-29 hole with thirty-seven seconds left in the half, prompting their coach to call a quick timeout. While they manage to find The Building for a ten-footer with seconds remaining, they allow a layup at the other end right before the buzzer, and consequently end the first half on the wrong end of a 49-31 beating.
Fat Joe’s arrival at the half seems to inspire J Records, and they start the second with two layups that make it look as if we might have a game on our hands. Corey “The Pre-graduate” Fisher, however, quickly pours water on their fire, throwing in a nifty crossover that allows him an easy layup. He further dampens J Records’ spirits with a pair of threes around a triple from teammate “High Five” that has The Politician talking about his future as a pro baller. 

Another long-range bomb, this time from fellow Pearl Harbor player Eddie C, gives them a twenty-point cushion at 72-52, prompting them to kill the clock as best they can for the final five minutes of the second half. All-Star game-type defence at either end allows both teams to run up the score, but the gap between the two is constant for the remainder, the game ending with Pearl Harbor taking home the W, 89-66.