Monday , Jun , 26 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

For The Love Of Basketball 65th edition

My worst nightmare has been realized.

I can’t believe that we live in an age where the Miami Heat are World Champions.

It’s awful I tell you, just down right awful.

I’ve hated that team for many years, and it all started when Riley arrived.

I can’t say there was anything specific they did (although that bootlicking gesture of retiring Michael Jordan’s jersey didn’t help things), I just didn’t like them and I was content with that sentiment.

Given my beef with Shaq after he left my squad, my contempt for the Heat only magnified.
So now here I am, left in bewilderment over the fact that the team I dislike the most has just won the Glory and there’s nothing I can do about it.  I lost… hard.
Curse the basketball gods for allowing such an occurrence.
Curse the Dallas Mavericks for leaking away the series.
Curse the referees and their whistles for blowing EXCLUSIVELY in one direction.
What a crying shame that a one and done team like the Heat are champions.
We all know they’re too old and spent to repeat. At least if the Mavs won, they would be capable of defending the title due to their age and depth.
But no, we have a team that’s loaded with ‘has beens’ and ‘never beens’ representing the greatest accomplishment the NBA can offer.
Like I said before, awful!
With that being said, I’ll give them their due.
They earned it. As much as the officials played a hand in the end result, the Heat played hard and did what they had to do to climb out of their 0-2 hole and turn the tides on Dallas.
The defense picked up. They hit the boards. And they brought a physical style of play to the series that the Mavs weren’t able to duplicate.
As a Laker fan, it KILLS me to know that Shaq will get another ring.
After all of his misgivings (not to mention Riley backstabbing Stan Van Gundy), he’ll still be rewarded.
Is there no justice???
But alas, at least I can take away with me that he did not win their championship.
Sure his presence aided their quest, but as the world saw, when it came down to claiming the trophy, he was incapable of doing so.
The Most Dominant Ever was rendered ineffective by the likes of DeSagana Diop, Erick Dampier and weak double teams. That had to drive him crazy and I’m fine with that.
In a way, he was no different than Gary Payton and Alonzo Mourning, two former noteworthy players who were reduced to hopping on a bandwagon in hopes of winning a championship that had rightfully eluded them until last Tuesday.
They were all just along for the ride.
And Dywane Wade was the driver.
What an incredible performance by the NEW “Next Michael Jordan.” (I’m being facetious)
Although the refs made him a TAD better than he actually is, he was remarkable. 
He displayed great character, poise, guts and leadership. And he alone is the reason the city of Miami is celebrating. 
Dywane Wade’s a champion and it’s well deserved. Now he’s on top of the basketball world.
Unfortunately, as a result, a great deal of the ‘What Have You Done for Me Lately?’ media clowns have anointed him the best player on the planet.
The guy’s a helluva ball player, but let’s not lose our minds.
I’d still take Kobe and LeBron over him. So let it be written, so let it be fact.
But whatever, all of my issues pale in the reflection from the trophy being held in the hands of Shandon Anderson (wow!).
The Heat are champions (it sickens me to write and say that) and there’s nothing I can do about it.
I can still hear Alonzo Mourning BABBLING during the post-game press conference in my sleep!
Like I said (shaking my head), it’s disgusting!
We’ll see what the draft has to offer because the Finals only gave me heartache.
Until next time.
Oh yeah!
How about those New York Knicks?!