Thursday , Jul , 06 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

NCAA announces sites for ’09 and ’10 tournaments

Indianapolis, IN (Sports Network) – The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball
Committee announced on Thursday the 24 cities that will host first and second-
round and regional games for the 2009 and 2010 championships.

The list of cities hosting first and second round games in 2009 includes
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Greensboro, North Carolina; Kansas City, Missouri;
Portland, Oregon; Dayton, Ohio; Miami, Florida; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and
Spokane, Washington.

Dayton will once again host the opening round game through 2010, something the
city has done since its inception in 2001.

The 2009 regionals will be held at Boston, Massachusetts; Glendale, Arizona;
Memphis Tennessee; and Indianapolis.

2010 first and second round games will be held at Providence, Rhode Island;
San Jose, California; Boise, Idaho; Buffalo, New York; Jacksonville, Florida;
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

2010 first and second-round games will also be held in New Orleans for the
fourth time in 10 years and the second time since Hurricane Katrina ravaged
the city in 2005.

“Nothing more strongly illustrates our support of the area than to assure New
Orleans regularly hosts rounds of the Division I Mens Basketball Championship
when possible,” said the chair of the Division I men’s basketball committee
Craig Littlepage. “The committee was unanimous in its support.”

The 2010 regionals will take place in St. Louis, Missouri; Salt Lake City,
Utah; Syracuse, New York; and Houston, Texas.

In 2003, the committee announced that Detroit would host the 2009 Final Four
while Indianapolis would have the Final Four in 2010.