Thursday , Jul , 06 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

NBA Ballers Phenom

NBA Ballers: Phenom takes you to sunny Los Angeles, where unknowns from around the world step up to get discovered by the NBA. Get on the court and get noticed by the right people: Everyone’s looking for the next Jordan, the next Shaq, the next Yao — the next “phenom”. You have one week to check out the city & prove that you’re the one they’re looking for.

NBA Ballers PhenomGame features:

  • Prove your skills on the court against some of the toughest players around, and try to walk away with a trophy
  • Customize your style to get all the eyes on you
  • Start interacting with the local scene — meet other hopefuls and see who you can take, and who you should get on a team with
  • If you’re successful, at the end of the week you’ll be the #1 NBA draft pick — and your road to building an empire will begin!