Wednesday , Jul , 12 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

EBC Day Thirteen: Terror Squad vs. D Block

If there’s any testament to the importance of this game, it’s that Ron Artest has come all the way from Las Vegas, where he’s currently playing for the Kings’ summer league team, to be here. Not in the park, however, is JR Smith, whose dunking displays in his previous two games have made him a quick fan favourite in Harlem.

EBC Day Thirteen: Terror Squad vs. D Block

 Still, there’s more than enough to pack the stands even without The Prodigy in attendance, although it’s clear that his team is going to miss him even if the fans don’t. Without a steady scoring presence, they have little to counter the firepower of Terror Squad, who have the ever-reliable Kareem “Big Game” Reid and Ron Artest to thank for their 10-2 lead just minutes into the contest. 

Although a timeout gives D Block a chance to catch wind and reconsider their offensive strategy, they continue to shoot as if they were mad at the rim, clanking jumper after jumper despite numerous good looks. More wizardry from Reid helps Terror Squad build on their fast start, and with D Block still apparently happy to lie down and take it, Fat Joe’s boys end up on the right side of a 26-6 game following a Ron Artest tip-in.

D Block find the going more favourable in the second half, however, and they capitalise on their opponents’ sloppy defence to claw back ten points in the blink of an eye, much of the deficit being made up by High Octane’s dirty work inside. It is another former AND1 star that brings the team in red within sniffing distance of the lead, however, as Prime Objective finds the nylon with a fastbreak layup and, moments later, a pull-up triple.

Kareem Reid decides to put an end to the run, though, going right back at D Block with a bone-crunching crossover and teardrop and-one bucket that brings the fans to their feet. This play also provides the game’s comic relief, as Jadakiss matches Reid’s face-to-face heckling by pulling out a stack of banknotes big enough to buy the park.

Ron Artest – perhaps the richest person in the building – isn’t fazed, though, breaking out an impressive spin move that stretches the TS lead back out to ten with five minutes to go. While D Block manage not to keep their foes in check the rest of the way, they’re unable to climb out of their hole, and they end up taking a 68-58 L.