Thursday , Jul , 20 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

EBC Day Eighteen: Rich Soil Monstars vs. Pelle Pelle Posse

As with any sporting league, there’s a tendency for folks to stargaze at the EBC, meaning that a Ron Artest or JR Smith sighting will bring the fans out en masse irrespective of their opponents. What that also means is that the stands tend to be only half-filled when two teams bereft of big names are playing, and that’s a damn shame. The latter is the case tonight, although the little-known ballers of the Rich Soil Monstars and the Pelle Pelle Posse keep the game exciting regardless.

RSM’s “Special Effects” provides the first of the game’s highlights with a filthy double-handed alley-oop after taking off a good three feet outside the key. Inspired by the play, his teammates put the clamps on Pelle Pelle at both ends of the floor, muscling inside for layup after layup, taking a 25-7 lead midway through the first. Although “The Humble One” picks up the slack for his side with a string of spin moves and tricky bank-shots, the Posse are able to make up only half of the deficit before the break, at which point they trail 44-35, albeit with the momentum in their favour.

EBC Day Eighteen: Rich Soil Monstars vs. Pelle Pelle PosseThe Monstars quickly regain control of the contest in the second, however, mounting a 17-7 run that puts them in position to make it a blow-out with thirteen minutes remaining. The rout is officially on moments later when they pull ahead 67-47, and the game effectively breaks down into a dunk contest thereafter, beginning with a monster alley-oop by Special Effects. 

THO responds with another on the very next play, but is again outdone by Special Effects, who one-ups his own windmill with an alley-oop version of the same dunk so nasty it should have come with a health warning. Humble’s best effort comes when he recreates T-Mac’s All-Star Game board-and-bang, although he fails to beat out Special Effects on cumulative points as he contributes two more vicious windmills in the dying seconds. 

The night’s final highlight might also be the least expected, with Pelle Pelle’s “The Nigerian Nightmare” casually driving to the hole before smashing home a four-hundred-degree dunk that catches the crowd by surprise. The buzzer sounds as he hits the floor, the final score standing at 96-72 in the Rich Soil Monstars’ favour.