Thursday , Jul , 27 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Interview with White Chocolate

You might know him as the winner of MTV’s Who’s Got Game?. You might recognise him as the starting point for the ABA’s Maryland Nighthawks. You might be familiar with him as the Dezert Heat guard who busts asses on the regular in the EBC. Wherever it was that streetball phenomenon Randy Gill first made your acquaintance, I guaran-damn-tee that he did something to inform you that the dude down in Miami isn’t the only White Chocolate worth watching.
With a handle you could work for your whole life and never attain and a shot wetter than a British summer, it’s no surprise that the man Rucker Park knows as “The D.C. Sniper” has shaken off the “baddest whiteboy” tag and started to garner consideration as one of the toughest match-ups on the streets period.

Interview with White Chocolate
We at HoopsVibe were fortunate enough to succeed in jumping White Chocolate as he left the court following the 2006 EBC All-Star Game, and he was more than happy to take time out to answer a few questions for his fans.
C.Y. Ellis: What did you think of the crowd today? It seems as if you got kind of a mixed reception out here.
White Chocolate: Oh, you know, they love to love me, but they love to hate me. It’s all good, but New York is nothing but love, man. I love coming down here and playing, man. It’s the realest place to play, you know? When I’m out here for real, it’s all love. But I’m just having fun with the crowd, you know?
CYE: Tell us about how your season’s been going so far with Dezert Heat in the EBC.
WC: Right now we three and two, so we looking to make the playoffs, man. It’s all about getting in the playoffs and taking it a step at a time and trying to advance. Every game’s a war.
CYE: Long-ass highlight reel today. What was your play of the game?
WC: Oh, man, one of those Special EFX dunks.
CYE: Some crazy sh*t, right?
WC: Man, he dunking that thing real crazy, man. That one where I delayed and threw it off the glass and he came and got that back, I think that was real mean.
CYE: If that one had gone down…
WC: That would have been the one.
CYE: The play of the century!
WC: Yeah, that would have been the play of the century!
CYE: What about Africa?
WC: He did his thing today, and that was a coming-out party for him because he didn’t really shine like that out in the EBC, but today was his chance to shine for the crowd and everything, and that was good for him.
CYE: And The Pharmacist? I see he got you one time by taking your shirt, but you waved it off.
WC: Oh, man, I ain’t going for none of that, man. I made up all them moves, man.
CYE: What about your personal play of the game? You had some nice tricks out there.
WC: Yeah, you know the tricks is all fun, but I just try to put on a good show but at the same time play hard for the team.
CYE: A lot of people are asking about White Chocolate. What’s happening with you right now?
WC: Y’all can always log on to to get the hottest thing going on in the streets, man. Log on and holler at me. I’m playing in the ABA and trying to make that move to the NBA, so stay posted.
CYE: Finally, do you have any messages for the fans?
WC: I appreciate the love. I get nothing but love from my fans. All y’all young ‘uns out there that want to be basketball players, learn the game first. Learn the fundamentals, practise and work hard every day.
CYE: Thanks for your time, man.
WC: Alright, man, thank you.

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