Tuesday , Aug , 15 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

EBC Day Thirty-Nine: D Block vs. Pearl Harbor

He’s ba-ack! We haven’t seen him since the night he was shipped to Chicago, but The Prodigy (JR Smith to those of you outside the park) hath returnèd for the playoffs, and damn is the crowd pleased to see him. He justifies the hype early on, following up a Prime Objective three with an floating double-clutch jam on the break that would have scored forty-plus in the dunk contest. Before the fans can even resettle themselves, he’s back at it again, bringing down the house with an enormous put-back over High Five and more of the Pearl Harbor roster besides.

EBC Day Thirty-Nine: D Block vs. Pearl Harbor

It’s these acrobatic contributions coupled with Prime Objective’s hot shooting that carry D Block in the first half, helping them jump out to an 18-5 lead over their undefeated opponents. Point guard Dre makes a token effort to pull his team upright with a string of driving layups, and his teammates feed off the energy, keeping pace with D Block for the next few minutes.

They again fall victim to JR Smith, however, as he hits them with back-to-back highlight moves, the first a double-clutch and-one on the run, and the second a double-spin-move layup plus the tax. The highlight of the half belongs to Andrew “The Affirmative Action” Eckerd, however, as he smacks The Maniac’s shot back at him before sending the follow-up attempt into the second row of the bleachers.

Trailing 46-25 coming out of the half, Pearl Harbor are visibly dejected, and their decision to stand and watch Prime Objective shoot brings them little success as he drains four long jumpers to help his squad amass a thirty-point lead with, as Boobie Smooth puts it, “too much time remaining”. 

The last fifteen minutes or so of the game showcase typical blow-out basketball, which allows for a little more JR Smith magic. With ten minutes left on the clock, he shakes his man loose with a stiff-leg cross, pulls it back, crosses to beat him again, then pulls back once more to shoot a three right in his grill. Half of the park is on their feet by the time it leaves his hand, and the other half joins them when it hits the bottom of the net. 

In the final minute before the game is called, The Prodigy adds three more pant-crapping jams to the highlight reel, the first a full windmill which he completes while jumping from one side of the key to the other, rather than directly towards the hoop as is traditional. With the game well over, he adds a fastbreak three-sixty and a double-handed alley-oop to the final tally, the latter of which signals the end of the game, D Block taking an easy 83-48 victory.