Sunday , Nov , 26 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

For The Love Of Basketball 69th edition

I know it’s early, but… How ‘bout those Chicago Bulls!?

After going 1-6 on their 7 game road trip (the one win came against the Knicks), the team that many predicted would represent the Eastern Conference in the Finals is 4-9.

Hmmm… I guess that big off-season acquisition of Ben Wallace hasn’t paid off just yet.

Oh, and did you peep Ben’s stat line against the Sixers on Friday night?

Well, if you didn’t, here it is: 0 points 0 rebounds. Yup, you read that correctly. Now I understand Big Ben isn’t known to light up the scoreboard, so I’ll forgive (barely) him for not scratching. 

But ZERO rebounds??? 

That is inexcusable, considering he’s one of their top players and the fact that they pay him $15 million year. Again, I want to reiterate that I can not understand why the Bulls offered such a large contract to guy who’s on the down slope of his career (32 years old), an offensive liability (I’m being nice), and is vastly overrated as a defensive player (he’s a better help defender). They still have no low post scoring, which means if Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon aren’t hitting their jumpers on the same nights (which hasn’t been often) it’ll be a season long struggle. 


You are what your record says you are, and the Bulls’ record says they suck.


$ The Clippers don’t seem to handling being labeled an elite team very well.


Dead Man Coaching: Terry Stotts of the Milwaukee Bucks.


The Utah Jazz are impressive, but this run they’re on can’t be for real.


Watching The Great Kevin Garnett languish in Minnesota is down right sad.


That dude Monta Ellis of the Golden State Warriors can play.


…Yao Ming for getting his shot blocked by 5’6” Nate Robinson.

…Deron Williams for thinking he could actually dunk on Kobe.

…The Washington Wizards for their complete dismal of the concept of defense.


You know, like I said before, it’s early in the season; so things will definitely change as teams round into shape, get healthy, and develop some consistency. Yet thus far there seems to be a great deal of parity in the league and that’s a good thing. I’m looking forward to seeing who emerges from the bunch and establishes themselves as the team to beat. The Spurs have chinks in their armor, no one’s afraid to run with the Suns anymore, the Pistons aren’t “The Big and Bad Pistons” of yesteryear, and the Heat were looking more like frauds than champs even before Shaq’s injury. So with that said, people can’t pencil in the champions like they did in the past. 


I’m telling you, things are definitely shaping up for a surprise ending. 

Again, I know the season’s premature, but I can feel it.
And speaking of feeling things…

I got Jay-Z’s new joint “Kingdom Come,” and sadly, it didn’t resonate like I hoped it would. He’s got some cool songs on it, but… 


I guess I’ll attribute its lack of punch to rust and truly judge his comeback on how the next album sounds. Hopefully he stops messing around and gets DJ Premier and Ski back in the fold. Sigh… at least I have “Reasonable Doubt.”