Monday , Dec , 04 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Who’s Lovin’ Larry Brown Now?

I’ve been writing steadily it seems, about Hall of Fame head coach, Larry Brown, ever since the day he first arrived in Philadelphia to take over as head coach of the floundering Sixers franchise and I was a not-so-young, beat reporter, working my way up the journalistic ladder.

Who's Lovin' Larry Brown Now?

Although things have changed immensely for both Brown and I since he left the City of Brotherly Love, I guess some things never change now do they?

   Having said that, it would appear that Brown is able, willing and ready to give the coaching thing a try one more time. Of course, it will probably cost about $7 million per season, but hey, that’s none of my business. What is my business is giving my opinion on nearly every sporting event covering the globe – especially Larry Brown.

   Brown is now, back in the news once again because he is available – and seeking – to get back in the game, probably to restore his good name and go out in a blaze of glory, if I know Brown.

   The question then is, which team is looking to put up with all the baggage that Brown brings along with his Hall of Fame talents on the hardwood?

   Let’s take a look at the possibilities – and teams that I think would benefit from having Brown on the bench. To be honest about it, Brown may not have many options right now, but by season’s end, or following this season, I expect more legitimate possibilities to open up for Brown.

Charlotte Bobcats

   The Bobcats look like a serious possibility for Brown at the moment, although I have to admit that current head coach and general manager, Bernie Bickerstaff has done a marvelous job with his young team.

 The Bobcats are being run by some of Brown’s Carolina connections, most notably, Michael Jordan, a former Tar Heel himself, and it looks like the Bobcats and Bickerstaff are nearing their time for a coaching change as well.

   The only problem I have with this move is that it doesn’t seem like the Bobcats necessarily need to make a move right now – especially since they’re undoubtedly heading in the right direction.

   Nevertheless, if I had to make a pick right now, I’d say Charlotte would be Brown’s next stop. However, with Brown, you just never know.

Boston Celtics

   If ever there were a team that needed Larry Brown, it is my beloved Celtics, who are absolutely atrocious. The Celtics have been losing games in the fourth quarter because of the almost non-existent defense and are never going to get better as long as they have a head coach who says idiotic things like, “I like our guys” and “We’re close” even though his team is currently 1-6 and doesn’t seem as if any immediate improvement is forthcoming.

   The young Celtics need a veteran head coach who is going to show them how to play the game “the right way” as Brown is fond of saying. Sure, the majority of these young punks will be crying like babies after five of Brown’s legendary practices, but I guarantee that they would show an immediate improvement too.

   Now, whether the C’s can afford Brown or not is an entirely different story altogether, but, hey, they’ve overpaid a lot of mediocre players the last few years so they should be able to find the money necessary to hire Brown and restore their franchise’s good fortunes.

Philadelphia 76ers

   I’ve already written a column suggesting the Sixers re-hire Brown and although I’m pretty sure that’s not going to ever happen, I firmly believe Brown would whip this team into eastern conference contention at some point in the near future. The Sixers have some young talent but not a lot of direction it would seem, under current head coach, Maurice Cheeks. This move isn’t going to happen, but I say it should.

Washington Wizards

    This is another move that probably will never take place, but it has been painfully obvious the last two seasons that the Wizards need someone to instill some kind of defensive mindset into this collection of offensive juggernauts.

   The Wizards, with several veteran players on the roster, probably would make the adjustment to Brown a lot easier than some younger players who just want to run up and down the court and shoot the ball all the time. Wait a minute, that’s what the Wizards do isn’t it?

Milwaukee Bucks

   The Bucks are another team that could probably use Brown’s services. I know Terry Stotts is doing a serviceable job, but the Bucks look like they are just about ready to step up into the upper echelon of elite teams in the eastern conference and I’m not sure Stotts is the guy to take them there. Besides, if Milwaukee lands point guard Chauncey Billups this offseason, I think that would help to lure Brown to Milwaukee. Brown considers his point guard an extension of himself and Billups has already shown he can weather whatever Brown dishes out – and then some.

Sacramento Kings

   I know the Kings just hired Eric “Musclehead” as their coach before this season began, but I am going on record right now to say that Mussleman won’t be in Sacramento long. Besides, Ron Artest and the rest of the Kings’ veteran players who want to win in the worst way would embrace Brown’s defensive philosophies.

 I can just see it now, Sacramento 86 – every western conference opponent they face – 80. The Maloof brothers can certainly afford Brown and once again, the defensive mentalities of Brown and Artest would mesh perfectly together.

      Eric Williams is a sports columnist for the Philadelphia Sunday Sun and nationally syndicated freelance writer who can be heard every Wednesday at 3:15 eastern on Contact Eric at [email protected]