Monday , Dec , 25 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

For The Love Of Basketball 70th edition

You know, I understand why the Nuggets traded for Allen Iverson. You can’t pass up an opportunity to acquire one of the greatest players of all time for Andre Miller (a solid point guard) and a couple of low draft picks. Every team dreams of winning the Glory, and the way the Nuggets were previously constituted, it wasn’t going to happen. Now with AI on their side, it makes them more offensively potent, dynamic, and a lot more interesting to watch.

With that being said, I don’t think the combination of Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson will work the way the Nuggets dream it will. It’s just not an ideal situation. The recipe for success is when a team’s two best players understand who is the alpha dog and who’s second in command. And after watching Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony over the years, let’s just say I don’t see Scottie Pippen in either of them. Now of course once they start playing together, they’ll both go out of their way to accommodate the other because they really want it to work. But you can’t fight what you are, and once their respective drives to be “the guy” kicks in, they’ll clash causing the team to suffer. And with a coach like George Karl leading them, eminent disaster is sure to follow.


The interesting thing is according to reports, the 76ers wanted J.R. Smith instead of Andre Miller, but the Nuggets balked and said either take the latter or the deal was off. If you ask me, keeping Miller and trading Smith would’ve been better for both teams and J.R. Smith. At least Denver would have someone who’s willing to give up the ball, Smith would be on a young team that would allow him to develop as a player and the Sixers would have a player that is more ideal for their rebuilding plan. Now, with Iverson in Denver, Smith’s progression (they play the same position) will be stunted and his time on the court will be greatly diminished. 


Time will tell, we’ll just have to wait and see, and in the end I could be wrong. But to quote the great Charles Barkley, I doubt it.


* On the fight at MSG, Carmelo “Yellow” Anthony GREATLY embarrassed himself, Nate “Napoleon Complex” Robinson instigated the entire ordeal, and the whole thing would’ve been prevented if George Karl removed his starters after having a NINETEEN point lead with two minutes to play in the game.

* I guess the Clippers (11-15) couldn’t handle being an elite team after all.

* Kobe sounded like a hater after Gilbert Arenas dropped 60 on the Lake Show.

* Speaking of Arenas, who knew he was this good coming out of Arizona. He’s officially the greatest player ever to be drafted in the second round.

* With Allen Iverson not going to Minnesota, this keeps the KG to the Lakers rumor very much alive. Thank God!

* The (L)Eastern Conference should be ASHAMED of itself!!!

* Is Tracy McGrady becoming the next Grant Hill? He’s injured more often than not.

* Does anyone STILL think the Chicago Bulls are a title contender? HA!

* King James has been relatively quiet thus far this season.

* There are more NFL players who get in trouble than NBA players, yet it’s the NBA that has an image problem. Go figure!

* Warning: NBA players beware of your knees. Shaq (torn cartilage), Lamar Odom (sprained MCL), Nenad Krstic (torn ACL) and Yao Ming (broken knee bone).

* Can someone explain to me why the Nuggets signed Nene’ to a $60 million deal after he blew out his knee (torn ACL) and then tried to trade him because they don’t want his contract on their books?

* Is it REALLY that hard to be a General Manager in the NBA?

* The old ball is now the new ball, and the new ball is now the old ball.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year!