Friday , Feb , 16 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

Bowling Green coach Dakich receives reprimand

Bowling Green, OH (Sports Network) – Bowling Green’s coach Dan Dakich was
given a reprimand by the Mid-American Conference on Thursday for criticizing
officials after a 98-90 overtime road loss to Buffalo Tuesday night.

The Falcons thought they had a 77-75 triumph after Parnell Smith’s shot to tie
the game fell short. The Falcons thought time expired and coaches and one
official, who seemingly signaled the game was over, started to the locker
room. Also, Buffalo coach Reggie Witherspoon started off the floor.

However, two members of the officiating crew on the far side had signaled a
shot clock violation and walked to the scorer’s table to see if there was any
time left on the clock for Bowling Green, which was to be given possession.

Officials then concurred that 0.6 seconds should be placed on the clock. Since
Bowling Green had left the floor before the game had ended, a technical foul
was assessed.

Yassin Idbihi hit both free throws to send the game to overtime and the Bulls
bolted to victory in the extra session.

“I take total responsibility, I’m the one who is supposed to make sure (the
game is over),” Dakich said after the game. “But when I asked the referee he
said the game was over. He didn’t say wait a second, he didn’t say hold on, he
said the game was over.”

Dakich also said his team was “cheated” and noted most of his team was in the
shower when informed the players had to return to the court.

Two days later, Dakich issued a public apology.

MAC commissioner Rick Chryst announced that the game officials acted within
their discretion and within the basketball rules in applying a delay of game
technical foul to the Bowling Green team, because the Falcons had left the
playing court before the end of the game.

“While there were several contributing factors to the confusion that existed
at the end of the Bowling Green at Buffalo game, the officials clearly acted
within their authority in the administration of the basketball rules,” Chryst
said. “Further, independent of the game situation, the nature and character of
Coach Dakich’s post-game comments not only violate the conference’s
sportsmanlike code of conduct, but are unprofessional, irresponsible and
damaging to all he represents.”