Saturday , Apr , 21 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

The Professor – Diary #2


In the last month my And 1 teammates Springs, Bad Santa and myself have
been playing in streetball exhibitions games on the weekends all over
the south and midwest. Lately we’ve been through West Virginia,
Kentucky, Texas, South Carolina and Minnesota to name a few. We try to
hit B and C markets that aren’t cities the And 1 tour would tour in. It
gives people in those cities that can never get to an And 1 game a
chance to see us live.

Last night we had a game in Springfield, Missouri that was crazy! My guy Springs, who is the best kept secret right now in streetball, and in my opinion the best 2 guard showed out big time last night. He had about 50
points to go along with a dunk from 1 step in front of the free-throw
line and at one point crossed a dude and hit a 25 footer! This dude is
ridiculous……just to give you an example , the kid goes between the
legs from the free throw line and he’s only 6′ 2″!!!!

Last night I was
showin out myself……..I had 40 points and 8 asissts, and shut it down
one time when this dude who was guarding me was takin stuff real
personal. He was playin D so eratic and out of control, all off balance.
So as you might guess I had to iso him on the wing, cross him one time
and put him on his ass. He slipped so hard his face hit the ground! The
crowd was loving it, they went nuts! At the end of the day that’s what
we go in the building to do, is hold our name down, represent ourselves
and And 1.

When we leave the building we want people to be happy and
have some memories so we can follow up with a game there the next year.
My boy Kenny Bruner aka The One(formerly known as Bad Santa) is a
monster on the court wherever he plays. Lately he’s been averaging a
triple double, no lie! I got people all around me right now who can
co-sign for that. Out here were developing a chemistry never had before
on any streetball tour. So when the And 1 tour kicks off June 16th in
NYC it could be scary….

And1 #12