Monday , Apr , 23 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

The Professor – Diary #4


Last night we finished off the road trip with the 5th game on the 5th
day in Oklahoma City at Northeastern High School. As you probably can
guess we were tired as hell and worn out. But we had to find that last
bit of energy to finish the trip off with a show to remember. It ain’t
like we were playing a bunch of bums this game either. They were all
college players and half of them played D1. I started off the game
playing straight off adrenaline and nothing else. Scored about 10 in a
row in the first quarter and put it through some dudes legs and snatched
it back, made him spin around. I ended up with 40 or 50, with 7 threes,
not sure exactly how much I scored but I definitely can say it wasn’t
only my best game of the trip but one of my best games I’ve played in

Springs did his usual scoring about 50 points and shuttin it
down in the end of the game with his windmill and a through the legs
dunk. Everybody showed they ass off though. Highrizer and Big Swole did
their thing with about 10 dunks a piece and shuttin it down the last
minute with a double alleyoop!

Now its back to LA for the week to continue my acting lessons and get
some rest. Right when I get to LAX I have to do and interview for volume
10, which doesn’t have a set release date yet. We bounce out to texas
for 2 more games on Thursday. So until then I’m out….

And1 #12