Sunday , Apr , 22 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

The Professor – Diary #3


Lately there has been a lot of talk about what HoopsVibe calls ‘the
split’ in streetball. There are a lot of things up in the air and people
really don’t know what’s what. So I just want to clarify a few things
that haven’t been addressed.

First off, the roster for Team And 1 is looking like this currently:
-Hot Sauce
-Baby Shaq
-Silk -Bad One
-8th Wonder
-Go Get It

Second, I have love for everyone in streetball. And I wish everyone the
best. I was a fan of And 1 before I even was on the team, so you know I
got love for streetball players. I’ve learned a lot from veterans. But
everyone over here with And 1 is happy with everything. We all are
excited to be one another’s teammates and embark on one of the best
summers we’ve ever had. No one over here is hanging their head about
anything that’s happened or the current roster we have. I’ve never been
so excited before a summer since I’ve been with And 1. Here’s a couple
main points that were up in the air that i want to clarify.

*Hot Sauce
People were asking whether my boy Hot Sauce is with And1 or another tour
and its confirmed. He’s with And 1 and is happy with it. Every player
over here signed with And 1 is happy with their decision, its what we
CHOSE to do and these players are who And 1 selected to be on their

Were set out to be on the road for 10 cities kickin off June 16th in
NYC. The company knows that doing a 30 city tour and hitting markets
that didn’t sell heavy or at all in the past few years is pointless.
They feel like the direction of the tour needed a new look and some new

*TV Show and Game Footage
We have another two year deal signed with ESPN. ESPN Streetball will
start this summer again as always with a different look. With all the
games outside and some new faces the show will be reinvented, which I
belive was needed. There will be a mixtape vol 10 which doesn’t have a
set date of release as of yet.

And1 #12