Saturday , Apr , 28 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

The Professor – Diary #5


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about getting in character for my
upcoming movie I start filming May 29th. In the film I play Sticky, a
high school aged foster kid from Venice, California.

Sounds like an easy role but the hardest thing is that the kid had OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I got about a month to get in character and carry a lead role. For me its all about managing my time more responsible than usual. When I’m on the road a lot of my down time is dedicated to reading through the script out loud.

Tomorrow I go back to LA for 2 weeks. When I’m in LA I spend about 2 or 3 hrs a day with an acting coach who has been real helpful. I’m going to get up with some real life OCD kids as well to see how they act on a day to day basis, which I think will really help me understand the disorder and be able to imitate it.

One main thing I’ve learned about acting so far up until this point is that the expression on your face is a direct reflection of your thoughts and
the camera picks up everything. So if you visualize the thoughts that
your character is going through mentally, it will pickup on camera and
be authentic. It sounds like it makes perfect sense but I had never
really thought about it until the past few months. I’m excited to go
hard becoming my character this last month until we start filming and on
top of that I have three streetball games coming up this month in North
Carolina, Reno and Las Vegas.

So its gonna be a busy month but a good one and maybe the most important of the year. Ill get back mid week with another entry.

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