Monday , Apr , 30 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

The Professor – Diary #6


Two weeks ago was the first time this year the whole 2007 And 1 team got together under one roof. We were all out in LA for some meetings and a big photo shoot to promote the tour. The theme for this years tour is
‘United Streets of America.’ That campaign partly has to do with the
fact that our 10 city US tour this year has every game scheduled to be
played outside. And 1 is going for a new look this year on the ESPN tv
show ‘Streetball.’

Consider the tour to be somewhat reinvented. Its going to be different from the last 4 years where each city looked so similar on tape inside the big arenas. This time around the setting of the games are gonna be so hot because you’ll be able to identify where we are at each game. For example, the game in NYC is going to be played in Coney Island, which is definitely easy to identify and you’ll be able to connect with where the game is at. Similar to how it was in 2002 when they had an outdoor game at Venice Beach and it was so apparent that they were in Cali because you could identify with all the palm trees and beach front atmosphere.

All us players are hyped for this years upcoming tour and looking forward to playing with each other. During our time together everyone was
enthusiastic and excited to officially get things moving. The whole
weekend included a couple of meetings talking about what to expect from
this upcoming tour, then some meetings regarding rules and what’s
expected of the players, then the photo shoot, and last they had a
meeting where we evaluated the gear coming out for the upcoming season.
When we all get together like that, time is always taken up by messin’
with each other, talkin’ shit, and just having a good time. Some of the
stuff I remember us laughing at was when Sauce was killin’ some people on
the team with imitations. He’s got everyone on the team down pat! Its
funny as hell to see him turn into people when he imitates! Then I
remember everyone arguing at one point talking bout is Lil’ Romeo going
to be a good Pac-10 level player, some people said yes and some said no.
We all are fans of the game just as much as we are players on every
level whether its high school, college, minor leagues, overseas,
streetball, or the league.

During the photo shoot they told us they ended up taking about 2500
photos for the upcoming promotions for the tour. That includes autograph
cards, posters, print adds, and flyers etc. Were going to have an add in
all the magazines coming out soon with the tour schedule and all of the
players that’s gonna be hot! Its got all of us as a team looking like
soldiers together reppin’ ‘United Streets of America’. Some of the photos taken that day during our downtime will follow shortly….

And1 #12