Monday , May , 14 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

Ryan Williams AKA Special FX

Ryan Williams AKA Special FXCurrent member of the Ball4Real Tour

Name: Ryan Williams

Home Town: Queens, NY

Current Residence: Atlanta, GA

Favorite Court: 158th St Park in Queens – NY is the Mecca of streetball

Height: 6′ 5"

Weight: 210

College: St. John’s University

Other Experience: Played as a contest player on the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour and was featured in the ESPN TV Series Streetball in 2006.

Earned Street Name: I played at St. John’s University and also played in the streets. I placed 5th in the nation in Junior College and when I was 16 I played at the Rucker and the way I was playing and dunking it was like I had Special FX so that’s how I earned my name.

Special FX Says: I love the good hard competition you find in Streetball. I played college ball at St. John’s because it was most important for me to take care of my education first. At St. Johns the highlight of my career was when I scored 14 points against Georgetown in only 10 Minutes! Streetball has given me the opportunity to showcase my talent and the power of my dunks while also allowing me to provide well for my family, play and travel around the world and I have even become a celebrity. Its crazy, where ever I go people know me…”